Sunday, April 14, 2013

1 Month Vegan-Versary today is officially my 1 month vegan-versary!  Yay for me!  Where's my present?  Well, losing more than 5 pounds is present enough for me!  Not to mention having tons of energy, feeling full ALL the time & no longer snacking on salty or sweet crap.  I cannot believe how much I LOVE being Vegan!  My friends can't understand how it was so simple to switch my lifestyle.  In fact tonight, my producer, Rich, and my news desk manager, Senela, both asked me what I was going to eat for dinner, since they assume cutting animals out of your diet must be difficult.  So here is my dinner:

A black bean burger from Whole Foods, organic butternut squash soup from a box, steamed organic spinach from Costco and flax seed crackers with hummus.

How hard is that?  Super easy to pack & bring to work & even easier to pop in the microwave.  Did I mention that I don't cook?  If I can do this... anybody with even a remote desire to switch their diet... can join me in being lazy & STILL eating healthy!
So next my friends say, "Well fine that's because you packed your lunch, but what about eating out?"
Well here's my next example, I just got back from a week-long ski trip in Aspen & all I did was eat out. In fact, check out my favorite restaurant in Colorado:

Ha Ha Ha Ha Just Kidding!  NOT my fave restaurant... obviously!  But I did eat veggie rolls at Matsuhisu (Nobu), I ordered a start-to-finish completely Vegan lunch (with Chocolate mouse desert!) at Pyramid Bistro, I had veggie crepes with a squash puree soup at a cute little french restaurant, I ate all veggies, soup, salad and beans at an Italian restaurant.  Even when I was stuck in the airport for 22 hours due to a snowstorm that I would have preferred hit when I was still skiing on Ajax mountain... I was able to eat veggie fajitas with beans, rice, guac and salsa!
But here's the best part!  You know how when you're skiing and you stop at those little restaurants that dot the mountain that are more like glorified cafeterias, than anything else?  The ones that serve hotdogs, burgers & fries, cokes & cookies?  Well check out what I ate at the top of the mountain at Rosie's Restaurant:

That's right!  Vegetable soup, quinoa salad, orzo rice, kale salad, beet salad and organic wine!  Just kidding!  The wine was just plain old BV... but you get my point!

I have compared my lifestyle change of being Vegan to buying a new car.  When you decide on a new purchase and you know exactly what your next car will be, suddenly it's the only car you see on the road, wherever you go.  Being Vegan is very similar, once you decide what you want to eat & you are dedicated to your new diet, all of a sudden all you can see is a buffet of choices with plenty of possibilities! 

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  1. Virgin Vegan...congrats on your anniversary and new life style. Its been years for me...I can honestly say that there is no other way. Best wishes on your success...but continue to read, educate, communicate, etc. Its a life time of getting experienced...a journey but one that requires study, work, etc. In less than a years time one can hurt them selves with will need lots of greens, algae, seaweeds, etc. Spirulina, Chlorella, etc., will be daily supplements.

    Blessings for renewed health. And spread the work being a public figure.


    vegan colleague