Saturday, September 21, 2013

Visiting Vegan ALWAYS on the Go

I'm a liar.  I told you I was done with the traveling & glad to be home, but guess what? I'm on the move... AGAIN!  This visiting vegan cannot be stopped!

First: A much-needed relaxing weekend in my favorite city in the world: Key West!!  This is a gorgeous view of the sunrise from my balcony at Ocean Key Resort overlooking Mallory Square right on Duval Street.

Right on the water!  Now I normally jam-pack my Key West weekends, but this one was all about the do-nothing-and-enjoy-it program.  My itinerary was blank & lounging was the only thing on the agenda!

So I was genuinely surprised when I was told I had to check out "Help Yourself" - an organic & vegan-friendly restaurant that I walked way too far too find.  Turns out, it was well-worth the walk!

The menu was awesome, the choices expansive & the service just perfect!  The only thing missing was cocktails & I put my idea in the suggestion box - I mean it's Key West people! Drinking is a sport down here & everyone thinks they are Olympians!

After my own heart, (since I am a tried & true treehugger) I loved the Reduce-Reuse-Recycle program implemented at the restaurant/grocery store!  I am a fan of anyone doing their part to leave this world a better place & less ruined by humans.

Can you tell we liked our food choices?  We polished our plates clean so that we could make room for the national pastime of the Keys... 

Drinking!  Which is done best with great friends & honorary Conchs!  These are my favorite boys - Stephen & Johnathan - & I do NOT go to KW without visiting them.  We always have the best time & they are the most wonderful hosts!  When we went to happy hour at their house, they made sure all the snacks were vegan!  Who does that?  They do!  I love these guys & I can't wait to see them on the next trip down south... Hopefully that will be very soon... Fantasy Fest anyone?!?

By the way, during our "Duval Crawl," I thought it was fitting that the Animal Advocate spotted this pup working the tourist circuit.  Of course I threw him some cash... I just hope he's got a health plan!  Does Obamacare cover doggies?!?

From one West to another...
Goodbye Key West & Hello West Virginia?!?  How did that happen?

Because my little cousin was getting married!!!  First up: the rehearsal dinner.

Isn't she a beautiful bride?  I was so happy to be a part of her special day & she made my days special by making sure there was ALWAYS a vegan meal for me!  And that's not a frequent request in the mountains of West Virginia!

Spinach salad with black eyed peas, mushrooms, tomatoes & avocado.  This salad was perfection & proof that feeding a vegan isn't THAT hard!

What is hard?  Planning a wedding... Which thank goodness, I didn't have to do.  My cousin was a busy bee making gorgeous gift baskets while I was given the equally important task of brewing the Starbucks coffee.  Hey now, weddings are stressful & tiring, so people need to be awake, alert & energetic, which means they need caffeine: ergo my job was VERY important ;)

The wedding weekend was at Snowshoe Resort in the Allegheny Mountains.  So that gave me a chance to do some hiking with my other little cousin.  He's an amazing amateur photographer that's looking to turn pro very soon!  Mark my words... Jacob Goodale is going to make a name for himself as an artist & I'm going to buy his first photograph!  I'm so proud of him & I believe in him. 

He may only be 15... But he was one dapper gentleman when he put on his groomsmen tuxedo!

But back to the Bride... Can you tell that she's my cousin?  We sure do look A LOT alike & we should because she is my Mom's sister's daughter.

That's her Mom - my aunt - who spent the last 6 months of her life making sure the whole wedding went off without a hitch!  You did such a great job Lori!

And it did! Pure perfection! I wish the newlyweds a million years of happiness!  And I was so happy that their celebration of marriage allowed me to visit with my Nanny.

You've heard me talk about her plenty of times before, in fact, I dedicated a blog to her.  But I sure have missed my Nanny ever since she left the sunshine state to live in wild & wonderful West Virginia with my Lori & Jacob.  However, since I was out of town for 5 days, there's someone else I missed too...

My munchkin Jagger!!  So guess what I did?  I FaceTimed with my chihuahua!  Now I KNOW that I have solidified my title as the crazy dog lady but I missed him & this FaceTime thing is genius - you gotta try it - with your pets!
Speaking of pets... I know what my next blog is going to be about!  I can't wait ;)

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