Sunday, June 9, 2013

Livin' La Vegan Loca

LOVE & LUCK... at least that's what all my friends tell me this means.  
Here's the story:  I come home from work at midnight one night & I open the back door to let the dogs out and this gorgeous monarch butterfly flies into my house!  No joke!  This happened at midnight & I've never even seen a butterfly at night, only during the day.  And this butterfly was so AMAZING, she just sat there while my curious chihuahua checked her out.  

She didn't flap her wings & fly away, which she obviously could! And why am I calling her a girl?  Because she's so beautiful of course!  Anyway, I continued with my plan to take the dogs outside and our beautiful butterfly fluttered off into the night, but not before providing the Birch family with one of the coolest experiences, that I will never forget.  I felt very special... like maybe God sent me a little pick-me-up straight from Heaven!!!

Speaking of Heaven...
What do you get when you put four Hot girls together working on a Hot Memorial Day weekend with Hot Pink Lipstick?!?

Yep that's exactly what you get!  These are my favorite girls in the world!  I love my Tory, my Giselle & my Aiyanna!  They are all so cool & I am ALWAYS making them try my Vegan Food & Green Smoothies & they are ALWAYS good sports about it and soooo supportive of my new lifestyle.  In fact, my work weekends are my happiest days of the week because I get to spend long days with my BFF's... everybody should be so lucky to love their work family!  (Awwwww luck & love - just like the butterfly!)  

PS: Here's an example of the food I make my girls eat!  It's a Vegan smorgasbord!!!

Popping tags with 20 dollars in my pocket!!!  You know that rap song by Macklemore, titled Thrift Shop?  Yeah... well I lived it!

Ok who knew that when I swung by the Salvation Army to drop off a bag of old shoes & clothes, that I would end up going on a shopping spree?!  I had NO IDEA how cool the whole thrifting thing still is!  I mean I used to do it in High School & College but it's been years since I went hunting for cool funky finds.  But it's right up my alley because being a tree hugger, I totally believe in the 3 R's: 
Reduce - Reuse - Recycle
I saved a trip to the mall & for $36 I got a jacket, pair of jeans, skirt, shorts, sweater, 3 ties for my co-workers (Yeah I know, I'm a big spender!)  Soooooo... the question is... you think I can pull off these pants?!?

Enough of the Thrifting... Let's get to some REAL FASHION!

I hosted a Doggy Fashion Show for Friends Forever Rescue and my boys, Jagger & Simba, stole the show... I mean runway!

They didn't actually walk but they modeled puppy couture in a myriad of different doggy purses.  I know I'm biased, but I think they are born to shine!  I mean, come on, the camera loves these two cutie-pies!

But as cute & sweet & innocent those faces look... don't be fooled!  They both have a little evil-streak! And when they get together... you never know what trouble they are going to bring!  As in, look at the trouble they brought me the other night:

Yep... it's official... my dogs are NOT VEGAN!  Mean little munchkins!!  But I fooled them reall good!  After I paid respect to the lizard with a proper burial outside in the backyard... I switched the doggy treats on those carnivores with yummy peanut butter vegan munchies.  Meat-Eater Jagger didn't seem to notice the difference:

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