Thursday, May 30, 2013

Birthday Vegan

That's my little nephew Kenji... he's obsessed with Toy Story (I got him all the DVD's for his birthday!) & at his ripe old age - he's bilingual!  He speaks English & Japanese because my brother is fluent from spending 3 years in Japan & his wife IS Japanese.

So the whole family got together at Kenji's house in Fort Lauderdale to celebrate his birthday & guess what my Mom decided to do?  Make the entire birthday luncheon VEGAN!!!  I was blown away by her idea (she didn't tell anyone ahead of time) & amazed by how supportive she continues to be of my new lifestyle!  My Mom is a part-time Vegan ;)

So... Mom made sprouted lentil and bean burritos with salsa, avocado, soy cheese and black olives.  Nobody was asking for steak or chicken when she served these babies!!

They were so good - shockingly good!  But that wasn't even the best part!  

You are looking at a mocha vegan cupcake made with coconut oil and covered in dark chocolate shavings.  I've died & gone to healthy chocolate heaven!

***By the way, on a total side note, if you're bored one day, google coconut oil because it's amazing!  A super oil worthy of exploring, it's great for cooking, increasing metabolism, fighting weight loss, increasing immunity, fighting viruses AND it's great for the skin!  In fact, the cattle industy once tried plumping up cows by feeding them coconut oil, but to their dismay, the cows actually lost weight!  It's a good, healthy fat & I put a teaspoon in my green smoothie every single morning now.  One of my friends also said it's yummy in coffee... but I haven't tried that yet.  But I do it buy it by the bottle now & I even use it as a moisturizer all over my body straight from the shower instead of lotion!***

I think Kenji liked the vegan birthday lunch because I got a great thank-you kiss!

He's still young & he's my little monkey!  Monkeys are herbivores, right?!  Well... technically omnivores... but that's not the point!  Maybe I can convert him before he even realizes it!  Could you imagine the lease on a healthy life you could obtain if you were lucky enough to be fed a plant-based diet since birth?  I only wish I had that same opportunity!  But at least I'm starting now & I can make a difference everyday & reverse all the bad junk that I've put in my body over the last few decades.  Now I'm just wondering if I should switch the little munchkins to a plant-based diet... did you know there was vegan doggie food??  I just found that out!  Now I'm pondering... let me know if you have thoughts about this... Anyone?  Bueller?  Bueller?  I would love to get some feedback on this!  I'll report back my findings in a future blog post! 

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