Thursday, August 29, 2013

My Personal Vegan Chef: I'm Fancy

Let me start off by saying I have hired my own personal Vegan Chef.  And this is an example of what she makes me for breakfast.  You are looking at yummy, gluten-free banana-blueberry pancakes!

She made me dozens of these awesome pancakes (that I drizzle with honey) & put them in little freezer baggies for me so that I could just take them out & pop them in the microwave whenever I want them.  Perfect right?!  Make one batch & eat them over time!

From Breakfast to Lunch!  Next she made an entire spinach, mushroom, tofu quiche made with chickpea flour crust... YUMMY!  What a treat!  And once again, I was able to freeze all the extra pieces.  I'm just a single girl (with 2 doggies!) so I am all about freezing meals & eating them later since I am NEVER in the mood to cook!

Snacktime!  Steamed Artichokes with Walnut Aoili dipping sauce.  The best "snack" I have ever had!  Goodbye pretzels & hummus - this is WAY better & full of much more flavor!

Now to Dinner: Tempeh Tacos with tomato salsa, fresh avocado, daiya cheese, tofu "sour cream" & refried beans.  Seriously... Any meat eater in the world could have tried these tacos & they would not have known the difference AT ALL!  

My Vegan Chef may be amazing but I put my own personal twist on her creation & turned my tacos into nachos!  Why?  Because I like Tostito Lime chips much better than those boring old taco shells.  But my favorite part of this meal had to be the tofu "sour cream."  It was out of this world - no missing meat with this meal!

Snack time again!  And this is my personal favorite.  Air-popped popcorn misted with truffle olive oil & sprinkled with sea salt.  If I could only eat one thing all day, everyday for every meal, it would absolutely, without a doubt, be popcorn!  So this is probably the thing I eat the most: as desert, breakfast, whatever!  Thank God it's Vegan... Otherwise I may not be ;)

And for desert?  Double chocolate-chip cookies made with coconut oil, cocoa powder & Ghiardelli chocolate chips!  These were rich & decadent & crispy & could compete with any fancy-schmancy non-vegan cookie on the market.  My new personal vegan chef is extremely talented & I'm so lucky to have her & she is very affordable!  Would you like to meet her?

She's my MOM!!  And she's the BEST!  My Mom has always been an amazing culinary talent but when I told her I had decided to go Vegan, she was more than happy to test her talents minus the meat.  And she goes way beyond the extra mile.  I'm fine just eating steamed vegetables & lentils... But not when my Mother is around!  You see all the fancy fare she prepares for fun!  She likes to try new recipes & expand her kitchen horizons.  The veggie lifestyle is certainly rubbing off on her because she has not purchased meats in months.  Keep your vegan fingers crossed ;)

And this is me at work eating my Mom's "healthy apple oatmeal" mini-muffin tops!  They are filled with cranberries, chia seeds, pumpkin seeds & fruit juice.  I eat these mini-muffins for breakfast or as snacks because they are sooooo healthy - they don't have oil or anything fattening in them at all!  I need to put in another order of these guys!  I love my new personal Vegan Chef Mommy!

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  1. This is simply awesome. I was scrolling down expecting to meet an actual chef for hire....Surprise! Prior to learning about your blog, I was slowly incorporating a lot of the foods you favor. After this post, I'm newly inspired. I still, however, can't quite embrace the wonders of the Avocado. Love your stuff and look forward to your next post.