Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Urban Veggie Cowgirl

Hey ya'll!  I just got back from Fort Worth, Texas!  There I am leaving my mark on the "White Elephant Saloon."  It's a right of passage in the Stockyards... no joke... google it!
Soooooo... what was this Miami girl doing in the Lonestar State?  My good friend Brian Ely took the plunge and tied the knot with his beautiful bride Kristen Jarret!

My best friend, Sasha Andrade, joined me for a fun girls weekend!  And boy did we two-step our way all over Texas!  I made her wear cowboy boots because I thought, "When in Texas..."

Don't ask me why we thought it was a good idea to take pictures in the bathroom... but there was a lot of this going on the entire weekend!

Hey, we were in town celebrating the Union of our good friends, how often does that happen?
And Cowboy Bars are a dime a dozen in FW!
Anyway... since I made Sasha dress in what I thought a real Texan would wear, she proceeded to tell every single person we met, that we were in "costume."
Hey, as far as I'm concerned, she's lucky I didn't make her wear a Cowgirl HAT!

No worries!  We had a great time and met awesome people!  I am a BIG fan of Texas Hospitality!

We found this gorgeous water park in the middle of Downtown Fort Worth.  Cool fountains in the middle of a cement city - perfect for a hot May day!

I was working on my South Florida tan in Texas while Sash was practicing her water ballet!

And being Vegan, Sasha didn't think I would be able to stick to my diet and actually eat in "Cowtown."  That really is the name of a restaurant there and NO I did not eat there!

But I managed through the help of lovely servers at all the local restaurants...
Actually... a big shout-out to all the super-sweet people in Texas!

If it's true what they say about everything being bigger there, the locals really do have big hearts!  Nobody gave me any trouble for ordering off-menu with special requests, quite the contrary, they were ready and willing to help make me happy with my menu!

No barbecue for me!  This is my version of "bar food" - steamed veggies and baked sweet potatoes

Back at the wedding, it was all photo booth fun!  We made memory books for our friends by just being our normal, crazy selves.  I gotta get one of those photo booths for my house!  Could you imagine the fun you could have at every party!?  I'm a scrapbooking fool and I love to take pictures that you can look back at and laugh and laugh and laugh!

Our favorite Boy became a Man & Married his Sweetheart!
I couldn't be happier for him!
As for my short weekend love affair with the 2nd biggest state in America... I loved the people, I loved the food, I loved the bars, I loved the personality of Fort Worth and guess what?
I will be coming back now, ya hear!!

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