Friday, May 10, 2013

Veggie Vision

Ok, so the number one question I get about eating vegan is, "How do you do it?"  The next statement I get immediately after that is, "Isn't it hard?"  My answer is always, "No!"  It's shocking (even for me) to realize how easy this lifestyle has become!  Maybe it's because I like rules and limits and lines in the sand.  I'm a planner, I like control over my life and my diet, so being Vegan fits perfectly in those parameters.  So, let's walk through a typical day of eating without guilt, cravings, hunger or animals!

Let's start with breakfast on-the-go (the only way I know how to go)... first of all... there's NO WAY I'm giving up my coffee!  It's organic, it's full of anti-oxidants, it's good for my metabolism, I only drink one cup a day and all I add to it is almond milk.  So if you're looking for someone who says they gave up caffeine and love it... don't look at this girl!
Moving on... green smoothies are my new obsession!  The one above is better than any protein drink you could drink or any veggie plate you could eat.
Ingredient List: banana, blueberries, flax seed, chia seed, chlorella, bee pollen, plant protein, maca, organic kale, parsley, sprouts and spinach.
Now, this is coming from a girl that used to eat greek yogurt smoothies everyday of my life!  But this switch worked perfect for me because I'm still getting plenty of protein plus the super foods that keep me full all day!  Not to mention the antioxidant punch first thing in the morning that packs me with energy all day!

I happen to pack my lunch at home every night, for the next day.  I used to make turkey sandwiches... I'm a creature of habit... I eat the exact same thing all the time!  So once I gave up meat, I switched out the turkey for veggie, garden, black bean, mushroom, red pepper, boca or any other vegan burger you can imagine!  I have boxes and boxes in my freezer!  I make the sandwiches open-faced with an english muffin on the bottom and then I pile on mustard, sprouts, spinach, broccoli slaw and then the "burger" of choice.  I personally love, love, love mayonnaise but since I went vegan, I have not found the substitutions to be the slightest bit tasty, so I just gave up mayo and I use mustard instead.  What else is in my lunchbox?  A bag of raw, cut up yellow, red and orange peppers, a bag of chips... yes I eat chips!  And I also throw in some fruit, granola and a piece of chocolate.  Voila!  No cravings possible when you have a packed lunch with you AND it keeps you from making a mistake and eating junk food, when you really don't want to!

Now, the next thing people ALWAYS say to me is, "It must be really hard for you to find options when you eat out, right?"  Once again... NO!  The yummy pic above is a veggie roll that I ordered when I went out to the sushi restaurant, Yakkosan, with my girlfriend Marcy.  It's filled with mushrooms, peppers, spinach, avocado, tomatoes, cucumber and rice.  I also had edamame & soup & was perfectly content.  I love that I can order vegan pretty much anywhere I go, because it doesn't affect my social life or make my friends feel uncomfortable thinking we can only go to Vegan-friendly restaurants - I can eat anywhere! 

But, I do have to say I had the most amazing dinner out at a restaurant that IS Vegan!  Great ambiance, amazing food & fantastic cocktails...

SUBLIME in Fort Lauderdale!  Ever heard of it??  We took my friend Michael for his "going-away" dinner.  He is NOT Vegan & he still loved it... especially the sliders... they taste like actual burgers... but they are not!  We had soooo much fun that I can't wait to go back & bring more of my non-vegan friends... because this is a place that can encourage even the most dedicated meat-eater!

It's a beautiful restaurant right on US-1 so go check it out if you can, because you won't regret it.  Hit the bar for happy hour for 1/2 price wines & apps too!  Can you tell that's where I started?!  :)

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