Friday, May 10, 2013

Vegan Vibology

Road trip time!  Have doggies... will travel... doggy seat required!
As you know by now, I am the proud mother of 2 boys & they pretty much go wherever I go sooooo... we set off to Vero Beach again last weekend.  Not to relax & enjoy the beach.... Nooooo way!  This was not a pleasure/fun weekend, this was a working weekend!  Ever see the show "Hoarders"???

Yeah... it was my job to clean out my grandmother's apartment.  Not fun for Jacey!  Did I ever mention that I have full-blown, undiagnosed, organized-to-a-fault OCD???  Just looking at this mess gives me the shakes!  So after a few hours of barely making a dent in the mess, my Dad saved me & took me out to a cool little sandwich shop.  Upon my request, they made me exactly what I wanted.

A veggie wrap of my choice!  I got to pick all the ingredients & the owners of the "Barefoot Cafe" in Downtown Vero were so helpful!  So, my Dad & I go outside to eat our wraps & 3 girls walk up to ask me about vegan, since they overheard me ordering.  I end up talking to the girls for awhile about the improvements I've seen with the change: weight loss, glowing skin, massive amounts of energy & overall just feeling great & loving my new life.  The girls walk away inspired, telling me that they are going to try to go vegan 5 days a week!  I tell them any change, no matter how small, will help make a difference!  So, I'm on Cloud 9, feeling like I have helped the movement, when we walk next door to "Tea & Chi" to go see my Dad's friends.  So, I'm still kind of hungry... I have high metabolism... I eat a lot... what do you want from me?!  :)
So, I see that there is a vegan soup on the menu... black bean & sweet potato... possibly the yummiest & weirdest combo I have ever tried!  Anyway, the girl sitting in the tea shop asks me about vegan & ends up telling me how she tried it, but gave it up due to feeling pressure from her friends to be "normal." Oh hells no!  You know that just fired me up & I started spreading my "gospel" again.  Fast forward to: we exchanged business cards & we have a Vero Vegan date the next time I am in town for pleasure & not cleaning out a hoarder house!
I can't make this stuff up!  Isn't that so cool?  Well for me, it is way cool!

After a weekend of cleaning & garage sale-ing, it was time to head back to the MIA (thank God!) so look at what my Mommy made me for the road: a salad of romaine, baby greens, spinach, sun-dried tomatoes, hemp seeds, red peppers, avocado & balsamic dressing.  As I've said before, I like food-planning so that I don't crave junk or make poor choices so I always like to have food with me rather than have a growling stomach & hunger pains!

So once I got back to work, it was my last weekend working with my buddy Michael Smith!  We celebrated our last newscast together with a vegan cake & funny faces!  Look for more from Mikey... he's going places!  I'm sooooo proud of him!  

And my other boys at work were busy covering the Heat & the Finals on the Road to Repeat!  Victor Oquendo & Will Manso are consummate professionals that take their work very seriously!  

Me, on the other hand, I actually do take my work extremely seriously!  And the other day I was covering this story where a 22-year-old woman jumped off the Rickenbacker Causeway... she's ok!  So I'm working and a still photographer randomly comes up & starts taking picks of me while I'm working...

And he's really talented!!

If you are ever looking for a great photographer... check out George Wakefield Photography!  GW really is AWESOME!!!

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  1. live on location with a vegan trend setter! keep up the good work Jacey - there are billions of animals out there that are counting on you!