Saturday, July 13, 2013

NOT a FAD... Veggies are here to STAY

Everybody always asks me how I can possibly still be a Vegan?  What does that even mean?  I guess some thought it would be my 15 minute fad... But Nooooo... I am officially 3 months in & I am not giving up or giving in!  I LOVE BEING A VEGAN.  I can't even remember how I used to eat any other way?  Dairy, Meat, Animals -- these are things that have disappeared from my diet & I don't miss them one bit.  So bring on the healthy, the organic, the vegetables, the beans, the lentils, the soups, the green smoothies & the cookies, cakes & muffins made with applesauce & coconut oil.  Because this chick ain't eating animals... I'm only petting them! 

My typical "weekend" breakfast.  As you know, I eat green smoothies filled with veggies, 5 days a week before I go to work.  But on my days off, I like to eat toasted Ezekiel bread with almond butter OR steel-cut Irish oatmeal with cinnamon, blueberries, bananas & a touch of honey.  Antioxidants galore - this breakfast will keep your tummy satisfied for a few hours.
PS Coffee with Almond Milk is a MUST... Although lately I have been drinking Decaf.  We will see how that works out for me & I will keep you updated.  Jury is still out on a decaffeinated Jacey?!

But if I want to splurge & eat some junk food, (the best time to eat sweets is in the morning because then you have all day to burn off the calories - at least that's what I tell myself!) this is what I go for!  Organic, gluten-free, low-fat, flax seed waffles with honey & strawberries!  

And this is a quick-cook that can be made as a sandwich for lunch or as the "meaty" part of your dinner.  Big Portobello caps can be grilled or sautéed quickly & put inside bread or lettuce to eat like a "burger" or you can just slice them up & eat them with some broccoli & quinoa.  I get my organic portobello caps at Costco, in a package of 4 for $4.00

But when I don't want to cook or prepare dinner, I'm happy to leave the dirty work to the professionals.  And the guys behind the 'Green Wave Cafe' in Plantation are really the experts on Raw, Organic, Gluten-Free, Vegan specialties!  Shout-Out to Owner Raoul Valle who knew I would love their famous "cheeseburger" & he was right!  A raw vegan patty with a "cheesy" sauce, romaine lettuce, sprouts, tomatoes on onion or almond bread.  It's the best burger I have ever had!

And how about the Super Nachos?  Raw & refried bean pâté with cashew cheese, fresh guacamole & salsa on flax seed crisps.  I inhaled these!  Packed with multi-layers of flavor, these little guys just burst with energy in your mouth.  I can't wait to go back & order more raw yumminess! 

And let's not forget about the hummus & crackers -- this is an appetizer you can never feel guilty ordering.  Everything on this plate is natural & good for you.  Eating here makes you feel like you are splurging because everything is such a decadent treat, but the entire menu is heart, mind & body healthy.  The owner opened the restaurant after fighting off Stage 4 Prostate Cancer with a natural-raw-vegan diet & lifestyle change.  Still skeptical?  Take my recommendation & try it yourself!

Alright enough eating - time to get back to work!  Don't you love when it's your Friday & you just want to make it though the day & start your weekend & your assignment for the day is to go to the mall??  Yeah that's my greatest version of TGIF too!  I got to be a VIP at my favorite department store & interview Heat players & yes, it was awesome!!

This day at work wasn't as great :(
I stayed on this story for 2 days straight as we worked to find the owner who abandoned these horses with no food or water for months.  Bad News: the horses were severely malnourished, emaciated, dehydrated, covered in sores & infections & they will have a long road ahead in gaining back their weight, strength & health.  Good News: the bad guy was caught & slapped with criminal animal cruelty charges & the horses are both recovering really well.  The animal abuser goes to jail & the horses get to live a long, healthy & happy life -- that's my ideal day at work!  

This is my "weekend-look" since I anchor the Saturday & Sunday evening newscasts.  But these days, so few female anchors ever actually wear suits to work anymore.  We're much more casual & modern now with dresses, shirts, sweaters & such.  But I launched a little throw-back last weekend & brought the suit out of the back of the closet & to the anchor desk.  I gotta pay a little respect to my news queen & dress a little Diane Sawyer every once in awhile... don't you agree?!

Ha ha he he ;)
Till next time... See ya blog readers!

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